America hits back…

Well that’s me told! I think Someone, Somewhere must have been reading this. Maybe Barack Obama. Because after yesterday’s posting about the sad state of America’s cheese selection, what should I be faced with this afternoon but a real life farmers’ market literally on our front door step? Oh yes, apparently it takes place in that exact spot every Thursday – win! Not only that, but as well as local eggs, sausages, greens and ice cream (we bought some salted caramel) they also had, yes, you guessed it, several kinds of lovely, normal-coloured Maryland CHEESE. We bought a blue variety, having sampled it, and it was delicious.


In addition, many of you Americans/expats living or having lived here have got in touch to tell me about various lovely establishments where I can find more palatable and less terrifying glow-in-the-dark cheese. Trader Joes and Wholefoods Market are now on our list. In general, we are much comforted. Thank you.


Husband is now in the middle of preparing a curry, so no cheese for us tonight, but maybe some of that ice cream for dessert… We’re off to Ikea tomorrow. I wonder if the American version will compare favourably with my Nightmare In Neasden a few years ago. Watch this space!


Beautiful farmers' market on 8th Street

Beautiful farmers’ market on 8th Street

Bread! (Always good with cheese, I find.)

Bread! (Always good with cheese, I find.)

Every Thursday!

Every Thursday!


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I'm a British broadcast journalist, whose British broadcast journalist husband has just been posted to D.C. I'm along for the ride! Both of us have just spent three years living and working in Paris and are keen to see how the American Dream compares to La Vie Française.
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  1. Simon T says:

    Right – I’ll make sure I arrive on a Thursday!

  2. Unless it is closed, there is also Cowgirl Creamery in the Penn Quarter (not far from you) that has very good cheese. And there are lots of other Farmers markets as well. The biggest is at DuPont Circle on Sundays, but there is also one in Georgetown and others scattered around.

  3. wash01 says:

    Thanks so much for your advice 🙂 These all sound great… we’ll let you know what we think!

  4. apthomas says:

    Oh Lorna, I am so relieved to read this – I was really worried to think of you two cheeseless in Washington…. another prayer answered! 😉

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